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His master's stroke


Quentin Blake is one of the most renowned and respected illustrator's in the world. We approached this dream commission to build his first website with trepidation: would we do the great master and his extensive portfolio justice in the digital domain? Would we be able to convince the self-confessed luddite that the computer was not the devils tool devised to dilute the world of it's aesthetic virtue? We would like to think we were successful on both counts - Quentin began to create content specifically for the site and it went on to win awards. The site was built in 2006 and was replaced in 2012 due to change in the company managing his estate and library. We revisited it the other day and this post is purely to provide a link for the curious as well as a tribute to the small-screen, fixed-width websites of the noughties... You can see it here

Dominic LK